NC State University / College of Veterinary Medicine


Effect of Polychlorinated Biphyenls on freshwater mussel health and reproduction
Suporting agency: Nekton Research LLC (now I-Robot)

 Biobay Valve Gape Sensors


  1. Develop protocols for using the Clam Monitor (Nekton Research) for monitoring the effects of contaminants on bivalve feeding activities
  2. Compare bivalve feeding activity in PCB and non PCB contaminated sites
  3. Measure potential corresponding changes in bivalve hemolymph
  4. Examine bivalve feeding activity in response to laboratory exposure to varied PCB concentrations

Lab contacts:
Jen Hurley (PhD Candidate)
919 513-6368

Mac Law (CVM, NCSU)
Damian Shea (Zoology, NCSU)
Shannon Stillwagon (iRobot)



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